Memorial Day Flowers 2017

CalFlowers is pleased to once again be an official sponsor of Memorial Day Flowers.  This project is growing nicely from its focal point at Arlington National Cemetery (ANC), where again this year Memorial Day Flowers Foundation is planning to place more than 150,000 stems on headstones, with the help of approximately 800 volunteers.  Representing CalFlowers at ANC this year will be Board member Ben Dobbe (Holland America Flowers) and his wife Jen Dobbe.

While ANC remains the focus of this important tribute, in 2017 between 15 and 20 national cemeteries around the country will also be participating this Memorial Day, up from just seven cemeteries in 2016.  Along with support for the activities at ANC, CalFlowers will be an official sponsor at the following locations:

  • Arizona National Cemetery (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Miramar National Cemetery (San Diego, CA)
  • San Francisco National Cemetery (The Presidio of San Francisco)
  • Sacramento Valley National Cemetery (Dixon, CA)
  • Fort Snelling National Cemetery (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Houston National Cemetery (Houston, TX)
  • Washington Crossing National Cemetery (Newton, PA)
How to Support and Volunteer
Again this year, CalFlowers members will play an important role in this tribute to remember those who served our country, and in many cases made the ultimate sacrifice.  Some of our grower members will be providing flowers, both donated and purchased thanks to the increase in monetary donations for this purpose.


CalFlowers members and their families and employees can volunteer to distribute flowers at one of the above listed cemeteries and make donations in any denomination to expand this important tribute to our veterans and their families.