Why California Flowers?

California flower growers/shippers deliver three important benefits – extensive variety, unique choices and responsibly, locally grown, premium quality flower products.  California flowers are typically fresher and arrive faster from the farms due to the excellent transportation programs offered by CalFlowers through our subsidiary, Northern California Growers & Shippers, LLC.

Variety and Unique Choices

California commercial flower growers offer hundreds of locally grown, high quality varieties, many of which are simply not available from any other domestic growers.  Our growers produce:  alstromeria, asters, carnations, chrysanthemums, a range of exotics blooms and foliages, an extensive collection of fillers, gladiolas, gypsophila, lilies, limoniums, orchids, proteas and leucadendrons, to mention only a partial list.  Please use our flower search site to find which of our members grow the more than 660 varieties of California-grown flowers. 

California's renowned microclimates and technologically sophisticated greenhouses provide optimum growing conditions and year-round harvests for a prodigious range of crops-including flowers, greenery and specialty produce. Just listing a few of California's prime flower regions- such as San Marcos, Salinas and Eureka-conjures up images of unique geography and climate, perfect for growing hundreds of different flower species.

Floral Transportation Hub

But growing flowers is only part of the story.  Moving the flowers from field to market efficiently and safely is essential in today’s demanding floral market.  California flower growers give floral professionals access to cutting-edge packaging and transportation solutions that include cross-country expedited air cargo and door-to-door regional truck deliveries.  In fact, California fresh flowers typically travel from grower to the consumer using the latest cold-chain in 24 to 48 hours.

California Grown

The floral industry is constantly looking to meet the demanding needs of customers.  “Made in the USA” is appealing to US consumers.  Given that approximately 75% of the US commercial flower crop is grown in California, buying California flowers is synonymous with buying American.  According to the California Cut Flower Commission, a majority of consumers (55%) would choose California flowers over imports if given the choice. (California Industry Fact Sheet)

Source your flowers from California and you’ll be meeting the stiffest consumer demands for variety, quality and delivery.