Miley Cyrus becomes That Flower Feeling’s unofficial ambassador

That Flower Feeling has taken out a mobile billboard in LA/the singer’s neighborhood to personally thank her for cementing flowers as self-care in America’s consciousness.

Los Angeles, California March XX, 2023 When Miley Cyrus unintentionally captures your brand purpose in a song, there’s only one thing that can be done: thank her for the selfless act and make her your unofficial ambassador.

That Flower Feeling and 180 have created a mobile billboard to be driven around Los Angeles, to thank her personally for celebrating flowers as the ultimate act of self-care in her record-breaking song, ‘Flowers’.

Her lyrics, “I can buy myself flowers”, encourage people to buy flowers for themselves, turning what is usually thought of as a luxury gift into a simple yet powerful act of self-care.

It’s a perception shift That Flower Feeling shares, having captured this idea in its first-ever ad campaign, ‘Flowers. Self-Care Made Easy’. The That Flower Feeling campaign pushes against the overly complicated and, at times, extreme self-care rituals that have varying degrees of effectiveness, offering an easy, pleasant, and science-backed alternative, flowers.

Miley Cyrus’ song Flowers launched in early January 2023 as the lead single in her latest studio album Endless Summer Vacation, released on March 10, 2023. The song went straight to number one, breaking the record as the most streamed song in a week on Spotify during both its first and second week. It debuted at the top of the Billboard Global 200 chart and reached number one in over 35 countries.

Steve Dionne, Executive Director at That Flower Feeling said: “When one of the world’s most famous pop stars sings about what your business stands for, you must join the conversation. By thanking Miley on a larger-than-life scale, we’re able to stoke the cultural fire and make sure That Flower Feeling appreciates its newest, unofficial ambassador.”

Heather Lewis, Strategy Director at 180 Amsterdam said: “That Flower Feeling has always believed that flowers as a powerful and simple act of self-care. But when we heard Miley singing the same tune, we knew we had to thank her properly.”

That Flower Feeling is a collaborative effort by the U.S floral industry to promote the use and enjoyment of fresh flowers in the US. Regardless of how flowers come into our lives, whether it be as an act of self-care or a gift of love, flowers offer tangible benefits to those who experience them.


About That Flower Feeling
That Flower Feeling is a collaborative effort by the U.S. floral industry to promote the use and enjoyment of fresh cut flowers in the United States. Launched in 2022 by CalFlowers association, the consumer-facing brand is educating consumers about the importance of enjoying flowers in our everyday lives to experience the proven benefits on mood, creativity, and connectivity. Regardless of how flowers come into our lives – whether it be as an act of self-care or a gift of love –flowers provide tangible benefits to those who experience their natural beauty.

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