Women's Day 2015

Women’s Day has proven a wildly popular floral holiday in many parts of the world. To develop this holiday into a bigger event here in the U.S., CalFlowers staff and members have been working with their colleagues across the industry – from U.S. and overseas growers to shippers to our counterparts at CCFC, SAF and other key groups – to expand awareness and support promotion of Women’s Day.

CalFlowers spearheaded a committee that has initiated promotional opportunities and is encouraging all participants to create a focus on the holiday. As a result, beautifully designed, eye-catching promotional posters have been created and will be distributed to retailers and others soon. Other participants in the group are doing public relations, social media and point-of-sale marketing with messaging about honoring the women in our lives.   

Of course, our CalFlowers members play pivotal roles in not only nurturing unique and lovely floral products that consumers can purchase fresh, but in getting these out to wholesalers and markets in a timely and cost-efficient way.

Check out our own release here (add link) supporting this event and noting our role. If you’d like more info on Women’s Day including marketing talking points, check out the Society of American Florists website http://www.safnow.org/talking-points-womens-day for planning for next year. And watch for CalFlowers to lead the ongoing promotion, collaborating with the industry.


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