Committees Open for Business

CalFlowers' Committees Open for Business

A direct outcome of the Board’s strategic planning retreat last October was the formation of a committee structure to guide and oversee the execution of CalFlowers’ updated strategic plan through 2022.  Floral and Associate Floral members are encouraged to get involved on these committees to provide valuable guidance and oversight, while CalFlowers’ staff remain responsible for execution.

The entire committee structure, including two standing board committees (e.g., Finance and Nominating), and eight organizational committees, is explained on a new section of the CalFlowers website, just for members:  Also included on the members only section of the website is a listing of the strategic goals for 2019 - 2022.

Interested members can contact Michael LoBue, CEO to learn how to get engaged with committee opportunities:  [email protected]  or call:  415-561-6111.

Here are the committees:

Allocations – Establishes return-on-investment criteria for the range of projects and programs financially supported by CalFlowers. Is responsible for evaluating specific proposals and requests for CalFlowers support based on priorities and criteria provided by the board and other committees. 

Convention – Responsible for planning the biennial Fun ‘N Sun conference and working with and providing guidance to staff responsible for execution of the event.  The committee also evaluates the conference and makes recommendations for updating and improving it.

Education & Training – Responsible for identifying membership’s needs for training and how best to deliver this training, with a focus on the long term.  This committee is also responsible for identifying educational and internship opportunities to increase the number of qualified “next generation” workforce members of the floral industry.

Industry & Governmental Relations – Responsible for supporting the Association’s priority to remain a leader in the floral industry and stay abreast of public policy issues at the state (California) and federal levels. 

Marketing – Sets the vision for and guides the overall marketing strategy for CalFlowers, and serves as a “service bureau” to all other committees involving communications to the membership and the industry.

Membership – Responsible for developing criteria for membership and monitoring the relevance of criteria and the Association’s membership classes.  This committee is also responsible for strategies to reach profile and growth goals in the strategic plan, and evaluate any appropriate changes necessary should the Association change its geographic scope to “go national”.

Research & Development – Responsible for identifying research opportunities to address shortcomings in the floral industry and how the Association can contribute to better industry knowledge through funded projects and collaboration with other floral industry associations.  This committee is also responsible for periodic environmental scans of the industry to identify needs and opportunities.

Transportation & Labor – This committee is responsible for staying abreast of both short-term and long-term floral transportation and labor issues and assists in finding solutions to these challenges. 

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