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CalFlowers Prepares Major Consumer-Direct Marketing Campaign

November 2, Fallbrook, CA - At our Member Appreciation Event in August, CalFlowers provided to attendees our exciting, new marketing initiative.  CalFlowers’ aspirational goal is “More Americans enjoying more flowers more often” and we are excited to launch this high-impact campaign on behalf of the broader floral industry.

The first two weeks of October, CalFlowers Board members Jeanne Boes and Joost Bongaerts, along with Executive Director Steve Dionne, were on location in Warsaw, Poland and Amsterdam, Netherlands to oversee the film and still photo production, as well as brand design and website development, for our new campaign.

There is agreement around the industry that the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the demand profile for fresh flowers.  Many American consumers have altered their buying patterns to include more self-purchases, driven by a desire for the beauty of fresh flowers in their homes.  The well-recognized positive mental health effects of flowers have caused flowers to enter a new category in the minds of consumers.

Our marketing campaign, to be launched on Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and Pinterest in January 2022 is specifically designed to capitalize on this emerging trend.  Our media distribution is planned to engage over 60 million consumers in our target audience, “aesthetic explorers” comprised of women in the 25-39 age category who are focused on wellness and style.

The results from Warsaw and Amsterdam have been very encouraging!  Working with a team that includes 180 Amsterdam (NL), MindsEye Productions (UK), Tango Productions (PL) and with floral stylists The Wunderkammer (GR), and director Dugan O’Neal from Los Angeles, we expect to have a professional, polished ad campaign that incorporates humor, visual interest, and a relatable message that promotes the enjoyment of fresh flowers. 

As the campaign draws nearer, CalFlowers will be reaching out to many industry stakeholders to help amplify our consumer messaging through your own social media channels, as well as hard assets such as point-of-sale posters and truck wrap graphic designs.

For inquiries, please contact Steve Dionne, Executive Director of CalFlowers at [email protected].



 Legislation Updates:

AB-73 Employment safety: agricultural workers: wildfire smoke.

AB-25 Worker classification: employees and independent contractors.

AB-2257 Worker classification: employees and independent contractors: occupations: professional services.

AB-2992 Employment practices: leave time.

SB-1102 Employers: Labor Commissioner: required disclosures.

AB-2043 Occupation safety and health: agricultural employers and employees: COVID-19 response.

HR-102 (2019-2020)

AB-2043 Occupational safety and health: agricultural employers and employees: COVID-19 response.(2019-2020)
**AB-2043 Approved

AB-1205 California Cut Flower Commission: membership: reconvening commission.(2019-2020)
**AB-1205 California Cut Flower Commission: membership: reconvening commission - Passed

AB-1035 COVID-19 emergency: small businesses: immunity from civil liability


We’re excited to give you… ‘That Flower Feeling’!

Thursday, January 13
11:00 a.m. PST (2:00 p.m. EST)

CalFlowers will share, for your viewing pleasure, our exciting new consumer-direct brand and marketing campaign launch.  Everyone is invited to join!

CalFlowers is on a mission to ensure more Americans enjoying more flowers more often.  We have partnered with marketing agency 180 Amsterdam and media agency Designory to produce and execute a professional, funny, edgy, and very shareable marketing campaign that will launch nationally across numerous social media platforms, podcasts, and music streaming channels in January. 

Our goal in this ‘viewing party’ is not only to introduce you to our concept and marketing assets, but also to encourage you – and give you the tools – to leverage this campaign for the benefit of your own business and the industry at large.  We need all segments of the floriculture industry to help amplify the campaign through your own established marketing channels, and we will provide you the access to do so! 

We will walk you through the range of marketing assets and explain the full depth of the campaign which will include films and stills for social media platforms, host-read and voiceover ads on selected podcasts, a roster of social influencers, and point-of-sale items such as posters and truck wraps.  CalFlowers is proud to offer this full range to all industry participants, regardless of whether you are a CalFlowers member.

Give us 45 minutes of your time on January 13th, and help us bring this transformative, national marketing campaign to flower consumers across the country.  We look forward to seeing you!

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

To learn more about That Flower Feeling - connect with Steve Dionne by phone: (760) 213-3996 or email [email protected].  


CalFlowers, the leading floral trade association in California serving growers and the entire supply chain in 48 states, is pleased to announce the hiring of Steve Dionne as executive director.

Dionne, who starts the new position November 2, says he is thrilled to be appointed and looks forward to serving in such a meaningful leadership role within the floral industry. “Contributing to the vision established by CalFlowers – including the elected board and association members is an honor and a golden opportunity to share my insights and lead with dedication,” says Dionne. His familiarity with CalFlowers is strong since he has served on the Board of Directors for more than 16 years, and has twice served as president of the association.

For more than 26 years Dionne has been involved in the floral industry and has been a feet-on-the-ground evaluator and participant. “Developing Wafex USA’s supply chain facilitated my visits to farms and distributors in 19 countries across five continents in the past seven years. I learned that even despite international differences, the flower business is just about the same everywhere you go and challenges are mostly universal.”

Industry achievements for Dionne include being named Floral Marketer of the Year in 1998 by the Society of American Florists, and induction into The American Academy of Floriculture in 2010. He holds a B.A. from University of San Diego. 

While maintaining focus on CalFlowers transportation initiatives, Dionne will also place great emphasis on collaboration with current CalFlowers affiliates and other industry associations. He says CalFlowers members especially deserve guidance and support now as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to hurl new burdens into the flower business playbook. “As the industry propels through this period, CalFlowers will be doing everything we can to help our stakeholders harness the opportunities that exist,” explains Dionne.

Frank Biddle, president and owner of Francis Biddle International, Inc. and president of CalFlowers, indicates Dionne is exactly the leader the association has been seeking. “We are an optimistic industry with wonderful products and services that make a difference in consumers’ lives, but challenges are plentiful right now. With his many years of experiencing relevant leadership roles and having so many levels of responsibility in the industry, we see Steve as the ideal person for the executive director,” says Biddle.

Dionne adds, “CalFlowers aspirational goal is clear – More Americans enjoying more flowers more often. I couldn’t be more excited to work with our great staff, members, and directors to help make this vision a reality.”



CalFlowers Strengthens Scholarship Fund with AFE Donation

January 5, 2021 Fallbrook, CA  CalFlowers, the leading floral trade association in California serving growers and the entire supply chain in 48 states, announces the donation of $50,000 to the American Floral Endowment (AFE) in Alexandria, VA. The monetary gift is directed to fund the CalFlowers Scholarship administered by AFE.

“Supporting the efforts of the American Floral Endowment by continuing to fund the CalFlowers Scholarship is a worthy investment and a genuine measure of our commitment to nurture and sustain the floral industry,” says Steve Dionne, executive director of the Fallbrook, CA-based association. “With longevity in mind, this substantial gift is a recognized way to fuel one of our many endeavors -- to assure Floral has a sound future with top talent coming into the industry.”

Created for undergraduate students attending an accredited California college or university, or for California residents attending a U.S. university or accredited college, the CalFlowers Scholarship was initiated in 2018. To date, the donation amount from CalFlowers to AFE for the designated scholarship fund has reached $200,000.

“Receiving this kind of financial support garners immeasurable attention to the on-going AFE scholarship program. We’re especially pleased to administer the CalFlowers Scholarship along with 30 others because it means so much to the students, their families and the floral industry,” says Debi Chedester, AFE executive director. “The $50,000 donation should result in an annual yield of $8,000 – a rousing amount sure to be appreciated by future scholarship recipients.”

A primary function of AFE, awarding scholarships for floriculture and horticulture students occurs annually. Interested candidates can read scholarship descriptions and application deadline information at

On board as executive director since November 2, but a long-time member of CalFlowers, Dionne adds, “Deciding and acting to donate to the scholarship fund at this level represents a way for the current board of directors to implement a mechanism to power the perpetual quality of the fund.” The board, which is comprised of 13 CalFlowers members, is dedicated to addressing current industry issues while planning for the future. Dionne indicates the board members of CalFlowers have great vision and the association is planning many ventures to bolster and augment current campaigns endorsing the aspirational goal of -- More Americans enjoying more flowers more often.

To learn more about American Floral Endowment, please visit
Photo Courtesy of AFE

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