Meet Some of Our Newest Members

What happens when you combine two different business owners who are equally passionate about all things that bloom?  You get one heck of a colorful bouquet of ideas all fueled by a love for serving and loving people well. 

Crystal and Rae (pictured left) are two southern gals who run separate wedding planning and floral design businesses and love giving people beautiful experiences.  As entrepreneurs, they have a lot in common which kicked off their friendship over 5 years ago.  Flowers make them happy. Really happy. And sharing that with others thrills them to our core. Crystal and Rae believe nature can nurture your soul and flower stains with dirty fingernails tells of a good day.

So, why add another business to both of their busy lineups?  The answer is pretty simple:  they love sharing their knowledge and encouraging others to create.  With almost 20 years of combined experience, their passion for educating others on florals and design makes their hearts burst with excitement.  

They just launched our first Basics To Blooms Box in May!  This subscription-based service takes the flower party directly to our customers’ homes!  Each month they prepare a box of fresh blooms and supplies and deliver them to our “Bloomers”.  With their membership, they are part of a private group where they show them step by step how to arrange the flowers in that month’s box.  Crystal and Rae are loving every minute of it and of course, have a few more ideas up their “flower aprons”!

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Blue Sky Flower Farm started over a decade ago with just a few peonies in their city lot. Rachael and her husband Jon had been dreaming of Blue Sky Flower Farm for as long as they could remember. They both have horticulture degrees and have worked in the industry for over 30 years combined. While still working full time, along with raising their children (and chickens), they started to grow the farm by adding woody cuts (specialty willows and dogwoods) on a small scale in a pasture at Jon’s family’s Brown Swiss dairy farm.

In 2014, they were able to purchase their own 10-acre farm 30 miles from Minneapolis – St. Paul and currently have 2 acres in cut flower production. Growing unique woody cuts and perennial cut flowers not commonly found on the market have been their niche. They also grow many different annual species, tulips, dahlias and ornamental fall items.

Jon and Rachael (pictured right) grow sustainably and thoughtfully and truly enjoy the creativity and beauty in farming. Their farm specializes in mixed bouquets for their Flower Bouquet Share (based on the CSA model) and they also provide mixed bouquets to occasional shops, retail stores and groceries. Locally they sell our blooms at the Twin Cities Flower Exchange (a local wholesale flower hub) and direct to designers. Blue Sky Flower Farm ships nationally to garden centers, landscape design firms, floral designers and public gardens. While this dream has turned into an immense amount of work and long hours farming, they are so grateful for this opportunity.

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Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and centered along the Wasatch Front is where you will find this very well-known and successful flower business.  Ensign Wholesale Floral, the biggest and best wholesale company in Utah started in 1955, 65 years ago, and was located in downtown Salt Lake City. They started as a small business with most of the flowers grown in the Salt Lake Valley and California.   

In 2015, Ensign moved to a new updated building and a convenient location at 2985 South 300 West, Salt Lake City.  Motivation for the move was the opportunity to display more beautiful spacious coolers for the large range of fresh cut flowers that are now 97% of overall sales.  Rodger Callister, the general manager, who came on board in 2010 had major goals he wanted to accomplish. This included an excellence in management, value, communication, and service.

Why should you buy their flowers? Rodger boasts that Ensign buys the best flowers from the best farms in the world!  Flowers arrive daily from California, Northwest US, Ecuador, Columbia, Holland, and other countries.  Created in the past 10 years are 12 new delivery routes, 20 unique customer box special standing orders, a bouquet business, and a beautiful website with an extensive flower gallery.  Their amazing team worked and survived the first 3 months of Covid-19 and the Utah Earthquake, while maintaining lower, but steady sales. Ensign remained open for business on every regular workday. The plan is to be on the cutting edge for many more years to come. 

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GotFlowers provides a cloud-based service with productivity apps on smartphones that improve the profitability of retail florists and wholesale suppliers.  With an always-on cloud service to manage all aspects of the business, retail florists can benefit from many profit-oriented features unique to GotFlowers. Comprehensive, schedule-driven rules help automate redundant tasks and help save on labor and operations.

Services include Websites, Order Management, Design and Recipe Management, and Delivery Management.

Members of CalFlowers are eligible to have the setup fees waived.  This is a $1200 value!

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Radebaugh Florist & Greenhouses is located in Towson, Maryland, just north of Baltimore.  They operate not only as a florist but a full scale garden center as well.  The Radebaugh family has owned and operated the business since its inception, and 2019 marks the 95th anniversary of the company. 

The company has successfully adapted over the years tomodernize their facilities as well as the products they carry.  The most recent addition to their product line includes gift crates featuring wine and spirits, among other specialty products.  The ability to offer a diverse assortment of gift options keeps their customers coming back to see what’s new.

The greenhouse operation produces some of the highest quality homegrown annuals and perennials in the region.  They are well known for their red geraniums in the spring and summer and their vast selection of poinsettias during the holiday season.

The Radebaugh family is very active in their local communities and recently completed a project with the Baltimore County government to create more green space in the burgeoning Towson community.  Radebaugh Park is expected to open to the public in the fall of 2019.

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PPC International dba House Plant Shop are Californians that grew up caring for and growing houseplants. Their interest in plants started in the wilderness and grew into what is known to be their House Plant Shop.

They knew they weren't the only ones interested in houseplants, so they did some research, and to their surprise, found very little online. All of the online plant stores were either hard to navigate or just for wholesalers. House Plant Shop was curious as to why they couldn't find a reliable or consumer based source for house plants online, so they set out to make an online store superior to the others they found. The solution was, a one-stop shop for everything houseplants.

Their greenhouses and website are curated every month. They do this to ensure product cycles, making sure you get the chance to buy every type of plant and are never bored with their website! They choose houseplants based on their care level, because sometimes the thing that we love the most, hurts us the most. And, they provide a risk-free shopping environment with honest pricing. By providing affordable products and money-back guarantees on orders, PPC International wants to be the go-to houseplant shop.

From left to right: Davis Iwata, Preetika Roka, Andy Burde, June He and Tristan Schmitt

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Sunflower Farms Distributors, Inc. is a family owned and operated business serving the floral industry since 1969. While their name reflects only one variety, their product line speaks very differently.  The daily live inventory at Sunflower Farms is comprised of over 200 varieties that come from the 100 farms we work with.  Sunflower Farms is one of the leading & most recognizable names in the industry as a premier choice when it comes to providing the best fresh cut flowers.  This is largely because of their experienced sales staff, farm liaisons, and decades of accumulated knowledge.

The secret to their success hinges on their strict set of quality control standards. Most companies just won't invest in the time and money it takes to deliver this type of product along with their level of service & expertise.  Sunflower Farms prides themselves in their detail to quality and customer service, being a one stop shop, and as the experts to all your floral needs.   

Innovation is what drives them, along with gearing towards change in this ever-growing market.  Their goal is to better serve both their customers and suppliers with a team of qualified and motivated individuals who embrace our commitment to professionalism, honesty and integrity.

Sunflower Farms is confident that once you become part of the Sunflower Farms Family you will not be disappointed.

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Madeline’s Flowers is a third generation florist serving Edmond, Oklahoma for 69 years.  The shop was started in 1950 by Madeline Graham.  It is now owned by her daughter Barbara and granddaughters, Lenzee and Lacee.

The mother-daughter team all graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma and have backgrounds in business and design.  They love the fact that the floral industry is ever-changing, and new flowers and products are available.

Pictured from left to right: Lenzee Bilke, Barbara Bilke, and Lacee Bilke.  Lenzee and Lacee are very active in the floral industry.  They value education and serve on the Oklahoma State Florist Association and the Oklahoma Teleflora Unit.  Lenzee and Lacee are currently teaching floral design at Oklahoma State University OKC.

This November, they will be hosting their 70th Anniversary with an appreciation to all of their customers.  They are planning to thank all of their loyal customers for the years they have been able to serve them.

The mother-daughter team enjoys working together and feels that they can utilize each other's strengths to make the business better.  You could say the threesome has a passion for flowers.

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Red Twig Farms is located on six acres in New Albany, Ohio. They specialize and are known for their peonies. In 2019 Red Twig harvested around 40,000 stems. In the fall, they harvest dogwood, willow, and winterberry branches. Red Twig is the first and currently only farm in Ohio to be Certified American Grown Flowers.

Each Memorial Day weekend, customers from many states flock to their farm for the Peony Season Opener where they kick off peony season and the store opening. In the 2019 season, they had more than 7,000 people visit the farm store in two days. That head count grew from 2018 when 2,000 people attended. 

Every fall, Red Twig opens the farm back up for dogwood, willow, and winterberry branches along with holiday wreath workshops and more. This fall they will be hosting more than 150 people for the American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour.

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Red Twig Farms is owned and operated by Josh & Lindsey McCullough


Sutton Ferneries, Inc. in Miami, along with its farm in Central Florida, have been growing and distributing top quality ferns and foliage worldwide since 1987. Over the past 31 years, detail-oriented experience has been the catalyst for Sutton Ferneries to develop into an industry leader, showcasing a wide variety of fresh cut greens and beautifully handmade products.

Staying ahead of changes in a constantly evolving industry has been in the forefront of Sutton Ferneries aspirations, and the result has been success-driven results. Sutton Ferneries, Inc. prides itself on utilizing the combined resources of both its farm and production facility to stay on the cutting edge of creativity, having innovative approaches to the foliage industry and cultivating growing programs with new and different products so as to continually evolve with visually fresh approaches to their products. 

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As one of the largest florists in the country, what is McShan Florist doing differently?  “Nothing,” owner Bruce McShan says proudly. The store’s 70-year reputation is based on tradition, consistency and a firm belief in the Golden Rule:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  “It’s a founding principle that Jodi and I believe has helped guide our success, and it’s a positive way to encourage our staff to always think about the customer during each and every stage of the order process.”

Now in its third generation of family operation, Bruce’s daughter, Jodi McShan, AAF, TMF, serves as vice president.   Jodi infuses a millennial-leadership style into the business as the internet and digital age command an ever-growing presence in the store’s daily operation, which includes:   individually designed arrangements delivered in McShan vans inside Dallas or any one of seven surrounding counties; maximum efficiency in the two-level 27,000 sf main facility; custom hand-tied boxes and hand-stamped invoices to ensure personal presentations, and customers appreciate receiving a photograph of their order via email before it ever leaves the shop.

“It’s all about helping to convey the message of love, and it’s a commitment we take seriously,” says Bruce.   “From longtime customers to first-timers, we appreciate their trust in our services and want to make this moment as special for them as possible.”

Quality, Style and Service is the McShan motto founded in 1948 by Lee A. McShan, Jr. and his wife, Velma McShan.  Today, Bruce and Jodi’s dedication to the family legacy has never been greater, and is still guided by the Golden Rule, just as it was 70 years ago.

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Denali Peonies started their farm after their son, Brandon, approached them about how Alaska was beginning to be a growing industry for peony cut flowers.  Brandon was attending the University of Alaska at the time, and some of his friends were doing their thesis on the "new and upcoming agricultural industry" for the state of Alaska.  He suggested that they should grow peonies, since they had 5 acres of land that their house was on.  They only wanted to grow 100 plants, but their son said to "go big or go home!" So, in 2012, they broke ground, and planted their first 1000 plants in their back yard!  They decided to try 5 different varieties to see how they would take to the Alaskan winters.  Much to their surprise, they all did well!  They were very excited and decided to expand.  In 2013, they purchased another 5 acres next to their property, and prepared the land by clearing trees, hand drilling all the holes for each plant, and adding soil.  In 2014 and 2016 they planted an additional 1000 plants to give them a total of 3000 peony plants. They now have 9 varieties of peonies.  In 2018, they wanted to try some coral peonies, so they only planted 50 since they are difficult to grow in Alaska. 

Denali Peonies currently has no well or water source on their additional 5 acres, so they decided to put up a large pool.  They keep it full during the summer months by hauling water to fill it.  This is not unusual for Alaska, as many people will haul their water for their homes.  They use the pool to water their plants by sprinkler pumps to pump the water to their irrigation lines. Their grandkids love the pool and will often come over to swim when the weather is warm.  Their peonies do well during the Alaskan summer, especially with the 24 hours of daylight. 

They will be picking the peonies soon, mid-June to the end of July.  Steve and Dawn are out picking 3-4 times each day during this four-week period.   They are hoping to pick 8000 stems of whites, pinks and reds.  Denali Peonies flowers are large in size and range from 5-8inches in diameter!  

They are very busy starting in April, after the snow melts, to when the snow finally returns in October.  In addition to their peony farm, they both have full-time jobs.  Dawn is an ICU nurse at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital and Steve has a business, Rosie Creek Enterprises/Sharpening where he does carpentry, tile work and sharpening blades, saws and scissors. 

Fiore Farms has been in business since 2007 and they pride themselves with excellent quality, service and close relationships with their growers and customers.

Fiore Farms has two divisions within their company.  One is focused on Supermarkets and Wholesale business and the otheron event planners. They have seen the trends in the industry and have noticed that their customers are seeking suppliers that can offer unique items and that are in tune with trends and consumer buying habits.  Fiore Farms product offering is composed of the following:  Fresh- cut flowers, consumer floral bunches, bouquets and pre-made arrangements.

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Color is King at DESIGN MASTER®.  They study its intricacies, trends and psychology to offer extraordinary color sprays and accessory products for the many unique applications demanded by creative professionals and imaginative individuals for floral and decorative projects. They have Absorbit and Dipit Dip and Rinse Dyes for the grower, Ultra LEAF SHINE for the plantscaper and COLORTOOL® and Just For Flowers® sprays for shifting, blending and enhancing color fresh blooms and plants.  

Design Master sprays have the Versatility Factor with surface applications and techniques.  Color the most delicate of surfaces, such as fresh, dried and silk flowers, fabric, ribbon, tulle, lace, paper, foam board and Styrofoam ™ brand foam TO the sturdy hard surfaces such as wood, metal, masonry, terra cotta, ceramics and plaster. . .AND so many unique surfaces in-between!  Not only can you change colors of so many different surfaces but also change the finished look with Super Simple Spray Techniques.  Whether choosing to use straight-from-the-can color or layering veils of color, Design Master provides a plethora of possibilities to use their color.

Their colors aren’t your wall or sofa colors but the Vibrant Color needed to accent your living. Design Master features colors that bring flowers, fashion and surroundings to life.  Whether creating for everyday, bridal, home accessory, party décor or holiday celebration their color adds the POP and the WOW. The brilliance of their color is a frequently praised attribute with customers.

Design Master products are the Quickest Color Around – Dries FASTest!  And, that’s an attribute any busy artisan can appreciate.  Explore this website to view all of their products, learn tips and techniques, and be inspired.  You’ll see why Design Master color tools are Color Beyond Ordinary!  Visit:


Bold Blossoms

Bold Blossoms is a flower delivery by mail service. They offer one-time gift options, or you can purchase monthly flower deliveries for an entire year! Bold Blossoms also offers flower design services for holidays, weddings, events, and other occasions. 

Katie's passion for flowers started on her father’s farm in the Midwest at a young age. The passion was brought to life as Katie opened and operated a brick and mortar floral business outside the Chicago area for a number of years. Since 2009, she has been a member of AIFD and owned and operated KM Floral and Event Designs in Southern California.

Kimmie is a proven entrepreneur with a degree in marketing and management. She has a background in e-commerce and social media, as well as a passion for interior design. 

Bold Blossoms realized an online, subscription platform would be the perfect hybrid of their skills. Why not send happiness in a box nationwide? All of their bouquets are hand-tied, and ready to chop and drop in a vase. 

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Oregon Flowers, Inc.

left to right: Landon Reese, Jacinth Reese, Kason Reese (baby), Kamari Reese, Helene Meskers, Martin Meskers, Tyler Meskers, and Megan Meskers.

In the heart of the Willamette Valley, Oregon Flowers Inc. opened its greenhouse doors in 1985. Today, Oregon Flowers Inc. is a family run operation which produces cut flowers year-round for the American and Canadian market. Their main focus has always been to produce a top quality, consistent, and reliable product.

Today, Oregon Flowers Inc. continues this philosophy, and produces lilies, tulips, calla lilies, and numerous seasonal cut flowers for wholesalers across the United States and Canada. Oregon Flowers Inc., plants only new bulbs, imported directly from both the northern and southern hemispheres. This enables them to produce cut flowers year-round. Each bulb is carefully inspected to ensure premium quality and only the best are planted. Each bulb is used only once in order to produce the best possible flower; therefore, the bulbs are discarded, composted, and never re-used. This ensures strong quality flowers with a consistency that can be relied on.

Top of the line equipment is imported from The Netherlands, and state of the art forcing rooms, rooting rooms, and climate-controlled greenhouses are used to guarantee fresh cut flowers year-round. In addition to their greenhouse production, Oregon Flowers Inc. offers seasonal, soil grown tulips and calla lilies, plus a variety of field cut flowers and berries. 

All cut flowers are shipped in custom boxes designed to maintain premium quality. Oregon Flowers Inc. ships daily via all major airlines, Federal Express, UPS, and also by ground in refrigerated trucks. The nursery of Oregon Flowers Inc. is in close proximity to Portland International Airport and Interstate 5, ideal for nationwide shipping. 

Oregon Flowers Inc. assures consistent production, reliable service, and quality cut “Flowers grown with a Dutch touch.” Click here to visit their website.



Fresh Ideas Flower Company

Fresh Ideas Flower Company is a family owned flower market that has been in business for 20 years. They send their own trucks to the flower growers on the coast to pick up flowers directly from the growers, so they can provide the freshest flowers possible.

During the last three years, Fresh Ideas Flower Company has been expanding their retail flower arrangement department, including their own website and fulfillment for 1-800-Flowers.  This past April, Fresh Ideas Flower Company was one of three florists in the nation that were invited to the New York headquarters of 1-800-Flowers to help create new designs for their national website.

Fresh Ideas Flower Company is a flower market that sells cut flowers wholesale and retail.  Their customers include grocery stores, florists, produce distributors, and public individuals.

The Fresh Ideas Flower Company team of designers makes sure that every order is filled to full value - Best Stem Count Possible.
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