Memorial Day Flowers 2019 at San Francisco & Golden Gate National Cemeteries

CalFlowers is proud to be a platinum sponsor for 2019 Memorial Day Flowers initiative that unites the flower industry to honor those who have sacrificed so much and to demonstrate to Americans how flowers are appropriate to express their emotions.

The initiative began in 2011, after U.S. citizens working in the flower industry formed the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation, (MDFF).  That year, the Foundation placed 10,000 roses at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day.

This year, the Foundation organized the headstone placement of 240,000 flowers at Arlington, of which 40,000 were provided by:  Kitayama Brothers, Dramm and Echter, Holland America, Mellano and Ocean Breeze. There were another 225,000 stems at 38 other U.S. cemeteries. In addition, 52 retailers gave roses to their communities to honor those who have served (35 Mayesh retailers, 13 Whizbang retailers and 4 DV Flora retailers).   Holland America, once again, provided bouquets to families of Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (T.A.P.S.)
Photo:  Marc Robinson, CalFlowers Board Member unpacking California stems at Arlington National Cemetery.


CalFlowers was also the event organizer at the San Francisco and Golden Gate National Cemeteries this year.

At San Francisco National Cemetery, Mt. Eden supplied logistical support, with PayPal, Kilroy Construction and the Golden Gate Chapter of the Young Marines sponsoring the placement of 5,000 flowers at the Presidio location.  And, thanks for the generosity of CalFlowers member Kitayama Brothers who donated another 7,500 stems, we were able to place a total of 12,500 stems at the San Francisco National Cemetery, reaching approximately 50% of the headstones at this location.  

At Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, CalFlowers coordinated approximately 45 volunteers—including Young Marines and volunteers from sponsor Palo Alto Networks

The following CalFlowers grower members donated approximately 40,000 flowers: Dramm and Echter, Kitayama Brothers, Holland America, Mellano and Ocean Breeze.

Scenes from Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno



Scenes from San Francisco National Cemetery