Volume I, Issue 2                  FUN 'N SUN ISSUE

July 2015

In This Issue ...

  1. Fun 'N Sun 2015
  2. Recognizing Shimi Shibata
  3. Registration is strong
  4. Farm tours
  5. Night at the Aquarium
  6. Education
  7. Flower Fair
  8. Famlly Business Seminar


Fun 'N Sun Sponsors:

  • A&M Flower Growers
  • Alaska Air Cargo
  • Armellini
  • Calif. Cut Flower Comm.
  • Calif. Flower Shippers
  • Calif. Pajarosa
  • Calif. State Floral Assoc.
  • CallaCo
  • CalMex Wholesale Growers & Shippers
  • Camflor
  • Central Calif. Flower Growers
  • Coastal Nursery LLC, Monterey Bay Heather
  • Commodity Forwarders
  • Dos Gringos
  • Dramm & Echter, Inc.
  • Delaware Valley Floral
  • Ever-Bloom, Inc.
  • FedEx
  • Fiorebella, Inc.
  • Frank Adams Wholesale Florist
  • Green Valley Floral
  • Holland America Flowers
  • Joseph & Sons
  • Kennicott Brothers
  • Kitayama Brothers
  • Komet Sales
  • Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc.
  • McConnell Wholesale Florest Shippers
  • Mellano & Company
  • Myriad Flowers Int'l
  • National Resource Management, Inc.
  • Oasis Floral and Floralife, a division of Smithers-Oasis Company
  • Ocean View Flowers
  • OnTrac
  • Priority One Flower Shippers
  • Pyramid Flowers, Inc.
  • Robert Mann Packaging, Inc.
  • SF Flower Mart, LLC
  • San Diego Wholesale Florists
  • Syndicate Sales


CalFlowers News

Our goal is to communicate on a monthly basis with the membership and interested parties about recent past and upcoming events, program updates, and general information about how CalFlowers is engaging in the industry on behalf of the membership.


Fun 'N Sun – July 29 - Aug. 1, 2015

We're on our way to a record attendance for this year's Fun 'N Sun in Monterey, CA.  This entire issue is devoted to the event, and we hope you'll feel the excitment staff feels less than one month out.  If you're still undecided about attending, read this issue, and then we're sure you'll want to register at:  Fun 'N Sun 2015.

Distinguished Service Awarded to Shimi Shibata on July 29th 

An evening of wine and flowers opens the 2015 Fun 'N Sun Convention, during which CalFlowers is extremely honored to recognize Mr. Yoshimi Shibata (Shimi to his friends) as the recipient of this year's Distinguished Service Award.  Shimi has been a role model for so many in the industry and not just about the floral industry, but for his dignity, respect for all, and incredible work ethic.  If you're not already familiar with many of Shimi's accomplishments, you'll be inspired by his many contributions to the floral trade in the United States, and beyond.  Read the press release


Registration running strong

Not only are the registration numbers strong with 3 weeks until the event (270, or 95% of total 2013 attendance), but the geographic profile of the 2015 attendees is more diverse than two years ago.  The 2013 event drew attendees from 25 states, not including California.  So far in 2015, registrations are from 34 states, not including California – plus three from British Columbia!  52% of the registered attendees are from OUTSIDE of California.

5 Top-Notch Farm Tours

Among the strongest registrations for the 2015 Fun 'N Sun are the farm tours on Thursday, July 30.  We're close to reaching the maximum number we can accommodate.  If you haven't signed up for the tours, do so before there's no more room:  Registration Form.  The farms we'll be visiting are:

  • California Pajarosa
  • CallaCo
  • CamFlor
  • Green Valley
  • Kitayama Brothers

Night at the Aquarium

We're also close to capacity for the Thursday evening dinner party at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Enjoy an evening strolling through this world-class venue, dining around the million-gallon Open Sea exhibit, and getting decked out with wearable flower arrangements by husband and wife design team Tony and Debbie Alvarez, AIFD, CCF, EMC.


We have an award-winning cast of presenters covering important topics for all attendees.

Future Flower Trends

Presented by:  J Schwanke (uBloom)

Rest Assured - it’s all about the Flowers as J Schwanke shares established and emerging trends, colors and design for flowers.  As author of the uBloom Trend Synthesis (featuring the latest Flower Trends and Color Palettes) ... You’ll experience current and future trends for flowers and develop your own trend forecasting skills. Learn how to cash in on established trends and gear up for new ones in our Amazing Flower World! Each attendee will receive a copy of the 2015-2016 uBloom Trend Report for their very own ($20 Value)-compliments of CalFlowers.


Future Flower Initiatives

Presented by:  Brad Denham (Arizona Family Florist)

Is it possible to increase the flower-buying patterns of American consumers?  It is more than a possibility – attend this session and learn how the collaboration between CalFlowers, Asocolflores and CalFlowers member Arizona Family Florist did just that.  Denham, SAF's 2012 Marketer of the Year, shares the game-changing efforts that increased sales to 38 local Arizona florists this past International Women's Day (March 8).



Future Flower Crops of California

Presented by:  Ball Seed & Flamingo Hollard – Are you thinking about growing new flower products?  Representatives from Ball Seed and Flamingo Holland will provide insights into emerging new varieties.

Ball Seed will concentrate on commercial and new varieties of summer flowers:  Gyp, Brassicas, Aster, Dianthus, Lisianthus, Delphiniums, Limonium, Sunflowers, Snapdragons, Stocks and Campanas.  Flamingo Holland will present on lily breeding and lily bulb production in Holland and Chile, as well as introductions of OT Hybrids and Rose Lilies into the U.S. market.



Fresh & Guaranteed:  Certified American Grown

Presented by:  Kasey Cronquist (California Cut Flower Commission)

CCFC's CEO Kasey Cronquist will explain how the recently launched Certified American Grown campaign plans to capture the hearts and minds of American consumers and retailers everywhere. Already proving to increase sales and certifying hundreds of millions of stems in 2015, learn how this new campaign is providing the guarantee that has the industry talking, retailers asking and consumers buying.


"All California" Flower Fair

After all, isn't it all about the flowers?  Fun 'N Sun features the largest display of California flowers and floral products in one location.  From 10:30 am to 4:00 pm on Friday, July 31, the following CalFlowers members will display their very best for your enjoyment and edification:

  • A&M Flower Growers, Inc.
  • Alaska Air Cargo
  • Armellini Express
  • Ball Seed
  • Calif. Cut Flower Commission
  • California Pajarosa
  • California State Floral Association
  • CallaCo
  • Camflor
  • Chrysal Americas
  • Coastal Nursery
  • Eufloria Flowers
  • FedEx
  • Flamingo Holland
  • Floralife / Oasis
  • Glad-A-Way Gardens


  • Green Valley Floral
  • Holland America Flowers
  • Joseph & Sons
  • Kendal Farms
  • Kitayama Brothers
  • Mellano & Company
  • Ocean View Flowers
  • OnTrac
  • Pyramid Flowers, Inc.
  • Robert Mann Packaging
  • San Francisco Flower Mart
  • Soliculture
  • Southwest Airlines Cargo
  • Sun Valley Floral Farms
  • Temkin Int'l
  • uBloom (J Schwanke)
  • Wicked Wilds / Airstream Innovations

Family Business Seminar - Saturday A.M.


Family Business Succession Planning

Facilitated by:  Kurt Glassman

Only 33% of family businesses survive to the second generation, 17% to the third generation, and only about 4% survive to the fourth generation.  Be sure not to miss the stories of how family business leaders are transforming their family businesses, learn about the "tipping points" they experience and how to design a succession plan to ensure success.  


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