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Joost Bongaerts, born in 1959 in Den Haag, The Netherlands, has a rich background rooted in agriculture and horticulture. Growing up in a family that managed agricultural land holdings across the Netherlands, Joost developed a keen interest in the field from a young age. He honed his expertise at Wellant College in Gouda, earning a degree in Plant Science, and further broadened his horizons during a semester at Michigan State University.

Joost's professional journey began in 1981, marketing fresh cut flowers for The Dutch Flower Auctions & Exporters Organizations. His passion for floriculture took him to the United States and Canada, where he worked with several Dutch Flower Bulb Companies, catering to specialty cut flower growers. In 1991, Joost and his wife Alexandra ventured into entrepreneurship with Bonfleur (Bongaerts Flowers), a European-style retail flower shop in New Canaan, CT, which they successfully ran until 2002.

Joost's foray into the wholesale market began with his role as president of First American Florist, an online wholesale flower company importing flowers from Holland. His journey with Florabundance started in 2002, initially as a partner, eventually becoming the full owner in 2008. Under his leadership, Florabundance has become one of the premier wholesalers in the United States.

Joost and Alexandra moved from Connecticut to California in 2008, where they continue to thrive both personally and professionally. With two grown children, Joost's legacy extends beyond his business endeavors, embodying a life dedicated to the beauty and cultivation of flowers.


Parent: Florabundance Inc.

1296 Cravens Lane Carpinteria, CA 93013 United States

(805) 456-5915

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