Floral Transportation

Transportation in the form of trucking costs, air freight and door-to-door deliveries represents the single largest cost in the floral industry. That's why CalFlowers' aggressive shipping discounts are so valuable to its members. CalFlowers uses its power as a trade association to negotiate discounted shipping rates from top transportation carriers, such as FedEx and GLS as well as a number of major airlines.

Director of Transportation

CalFlowers is the only trade association in the floral industry that employs a full-time Director of Transportation, Chris Johnson. When it comes to shipping flowers, Chris understands that improper handling can result in broken stems or crushed blossoms, and that a late delivery can mean a lost sale. In his role, Chris serves as a crucial link between CalFlowers members and carriers, facilitating effective communication and collaboration. He keeps members informed on airline logistics and pricing while maintaining open channels with trucking companies, promoting industry cohesion and efficiency. Contact Chris Johnson at (760) 533-5580 with questions regarding CalFlowers' transportation programs. 

Discount Shipping

CalFlowers' discounts are applied equally to all qualified members. Small producers that ship a few boxes of flowers every month receive the same benefits as large distributors or wholesalers. One key point bears repeating: There are no annual minimum volume requirements associated with CalFlowers' transportation discounts. If you are a Floral Member, Ag-Buddy, Associate Floral or Grower, you are eligible to qualify for significant savings through the following transportation programs.

FedEx® Discount Shipping

Fedex LogoCalFlowers' contractual agreement with FedEx has a long history and has been designed to meet the specialized needs of the floral industry over the years. The real beauty of CalFlowers' FedEx program is its simplicity. Qualified CalFlowers members have access to discounts as high as 78% off of services like FedEx Priority® and FedEx Standard Overnight®. CalFlowers' unique FedEx program allows flower shippers to compete effectively in the national market. In fact, the vast majority of California flowers shipped via FedEx travel one-day air to destinations nationwide. 

Key Benefits of CalFlowers' FedEx Program

  • CalFlowers' exclusive FedEx program offers a wide range of FedEx Express® services with excellent discounts as high as 78% on FedEx Priority Overnight® and FedEx Standard Overnight® rates. We also have excellent discounts on FedEx 2-day and 3-day products.
  • Many large surcharge discounts such as Fuel, Residential, Delivery Area, Saturday PU/DEL and Declared Value to name a few.
  • Shippers discounts apply to inbound, outbound and 3rd party shipments.
  • CalFlowers' FedEx program includes favorable import and export rates.
  • FedEx Ground® service is also available at 55% discount, depending on weight.
  • Excellent FedEx HOME and OneRate discounts are included.
  • A specifically negotiated DIM Factor (250) enables CalFlowers members to price shipments closer to their actual weight, further reducing costs on FedEx Express.
  • Specialized billing is direct from FedEx and simple to understand.
  • CalFlowers members have special access to dedicated FedEx support / service representatives for knowledgeable and personalized service.
  • Our program offers many other deep discounts on a variety of other surcharges and fees that help to keep costs low and affordable.

General Logistics Systems

In September 2016 CalFlowers introduced the Overnight Door-to-Door program from General Logistics Systems (GLS). This exciting exclusive shipping option from GLS is available to CalFlowers Floral and Ag members within the GLS delivery service area. GLS is well known in the industry for consistent, on-time delivery at exceptional prices. This shipping option is a fast, ground-based Overnight Door to Door service that can pick up at your location and deliver to your customer's door by 10:30 a.m. the next day. GLS services every ZIP code in California and has overnight service to many areas of Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. No minimums are required and few additional charges or fees are incurred. Prices are excellent and are lower than the competition. GLS's  entire network is made up of its employees, which assures continuity, consistency and the extra care and handling that our floral products need. 

Key Benefits of CalFlowers GLS Program

  • Discounts of more than 70% off standard shipping rates.
  • GLS will invoice CalFlowers members directly.
  • GLS offers overnight delivery and services to every ZIP code in California.
  • GLS provides parcel and freight services throughout the Western U.S. 
  • Pickup Days: Monday through Friday.
  • Delivery Days: Monday through Saturday.
  • Saturday service is available to all ZIP codes in our service area.  Additional fees may occur, and delivery times vary based on ZIP code.

CalFlowers Exclusive Air Rates

One of our most popular airline programs is with Alaska Air Cargo. This exclusive program designed around the needs of CalFlowers members offers shippers industry leading rates around the domestic U.S. Our special .50/lb "all in" Express rate is just one example of the value members enjoy with this exclusive offering. 

CalFlowers works hard to bring our members the lowest air rates possible. Our contracts with major airlines offer rates that provide outstanding value. Please note that, floral transportation rates are continually being updated. CalFlowers provides rate information in the member's only, Transportation Rates section of the website.