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Established in 1941 by a consortium of flower shipping enterprises, the California Association of Flower Growers & Shippers (CalFlowers) is dedicated to advancing the prosperity of the floral industry across the United States. As a foremost floral trade association, CalFlowers plays a pivotal role in supporting growers and the entire supply chain across the nation. Contrary to our name, members do not have to be located in California to be part of the association. CalFlowers serves businesses in all 50 states, across every segment of the industry.  

Our mission is simple and it benefits everyone involved in the floral industry: Strengthen member businesses through logistics, education and promotion to grow the use and enjoyment of cut flowers. CalFlowers offers our members essential transportation advantages and service discounts while also spearheading initiatives that increase fresh cut flower consumption in the U.S. market. 

Who We Serve

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CalFlowers brings together individuals and businesses dedicated to the floral industry. Our association includes flower growers, shippers, importers, wholesalers, specialty non-ornamental growers, hard goods and packaging manufacturers, e-commerce, and retail florists. With a diverse membership, we proudly represent every facet of the value chain.

In recognizing the collaborative nature of the floral industry, we extend a warm welcome to professionals from various "non-floral" fields. We value the contributions of accountants, legal firms, insurance brokers, and others. Our inclusive membership reflects the interconnected services that support and enhance the floral sector. 

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How We Support the Industry 

CalFlowers is dedicated to supporting industry initiatives that increase the use and enjoyment of flowers, bring new talent to the industry, and provide value to our members and the greater floral community.

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